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  100 Buses

A simple warm up drill that is great for group sessions and reveals how little we know about jobs.

Use when:

Use when you need an energizing way to start a workshop with a shift from linear thinking.

Drill Steps (10 minutes)
1. Hand out post-its and sharpies and print a 100Buses poster (linked below) or use empty wall space.

2. Gather your participants around the poster and introduce the drill prompt:

"You are given a bus, of any kind or size, and a sizable budget, what are the many things you might do with it? You can modify the bus in any way you wish, limited only by imagination."

3. Tell participants to write their ideas on post-its, then add each post-it to the poster and announce the idea out-loud to the group.

Participants should write an idea and share it immediately rather than collecting a bunch of post-its before sharing. The key to this drill is to aim for quantity not quality. The sillier the better.

Tips: There are no correct answers here. By moving quickly and listening to what others say, we shift our minds to a place of ease where we connect our interests, curiosities, and aspirations to a fun and imaginative 'what if?' moment.

Spend about 10 minutes generating ideas and then stop to share lessons from this drill.

Drill Lessons:

1. The first lesson of this drill is an unexpected twist. Most of these silly ideas are real.

We've now seen hundreds of ideas for what to do with a bus. With each new sharpie scrawled post-it, we discover a real-life example, on a bus, and often with a job attached to it.

This reveals our awareness gap and 100 Buses becomes a short-hand reminder of this gap whenever someone expresses a limiting belief about what jobs are available.

2. The second lesson is in how this drill acts as a switch from career anxiety to a more positive position of creative silliness. Though it may feel silly, the outputs often reveal insights into our interests, especially on what we may be putting aside due to limiting beliefs about careers.

100 Buses generates a lot of laughs as people agree, "Yes! That would be so fun!"

For people struggling to find a career direction, starting from what sounds fun sure seems like a good place to start.

100 Buses.pdf