Looping Method

A career toolkit for the future of work.

Why Looping?

Conventional career planning will not carry you into a future of work that is more fluid than ever.

It’s time to unlearn the unreliable, un-fun, status quo rules. You need imaginative problem-solving that reliably produces creative answers and life-changing serendipity.

The uncertainty of solving for what's next in your career often results in feeling disoriented and stuck in a spiral. Learn how get out of your spiral with short, social, test-and-learn experiments for career discovery.


Learn Looping

A community for career changers and coaches.


For Career Changers

Join our community for career rebels led by all-star coaches who help you get unstuck and solve for what’s next. Learn practices to conquer uncertainty and crush barriers to getting what you need in your career.


For Career Coaches

Connect directly with the Looping Method authors to learn how to deliver Looping with step-by-step, print-ready content for use at your college, workforce center, job club, and more.

Speaking & Workshops

Memorable experiences with a bias for action.


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From keynotes to full-day full-day immersive challenges and trainings, we bring transformative, hands-on experiences to your organization or event.

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Our online workshops are a great fit for connecting with your team, students, or alumni no matter where they are located. We have one to three hour programs at low to no cost.


Meet Spencer Ingram

Spencer has spent the last decade using design practices to unlock the potential in ambitious students, nurse innovators, and impact
entrepreneurs around the globe.

As a first generation student, Spencer struggled with college and depression that today defines his work and mission to crush barriers to education and career success.

He cofounded a college-to-career accelerator and most recently launched a career education platform called Best Monday Ever. Connect with Spencer on LinkedIn.

Meet Brian LeDuc

Brian LeDuc has spent his career focused on how Universities and students adapt to the new and emerging realities of higher education and work.

He is a higher education design consultant creating award-winning student experiences, implementing student success technologies, and large-scale training initiatives for the future-of-work.

He is currently the Designer-in-Residence at the University of California San Diego, co-founder of Best Monday Ever and co-author of the Looping Method. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.


“Within a matter of minutes, Spencer created an environment that was comfortable and welcoming. He took the group through a series of exercises – which really turned out to be a clever way to expose MetLife employee’s true aspirations for employee engagement. We would welcome him back for a second round.”

Sarah Willis, MetLife Foundation


"Spencer has taught several career classes with General Assembly and is such an asset to our instructional community. He has a line of students waiting to talk to him after class and he sticks around until he speaks with every single one of them. He’s a captivating instructor and really knows how to get others to listen, be engaged and think about something in a new way."

Danielle Barnes, General Assembly Regional Director

"A dozen people who attended Spencer's workshop have approached me to express excitement at using the Looping technique to help them break through the toughest problems they are having in their job search. They are ready to do a Loop on the spot!"

Sunil Chitre, Director of HIREDTexas

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